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[2016.06.21] CHOI Misun wins a 6th Gold medal in Antalya!

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Choi took individual, mixed team and team golds for the second stage in a row. She won every Hyundai Archery World Cup event she participated in this season, across the individual, mixed team and team competitions. First in Medellin, then in Antalya, she collected triple gold medals! 
Her individual gold final in Antalya was against Ksenia Perova. Choi and the Korean women’s team had already beaten Perova’s Russia to team gold earlier on recurve Sunday on Konyaalti beach.

Both athletes opened with 27-point sets and shared the opening set points. From that point on, it was all Choi. Three consecutive sets of 29 points each resulted in three set wins, and a 7-1 victory in the match.

“I didn’t expect to do so well in Medellin because I wasn’t really doing well at the time. I managed to cope there and it was good,” said Misun. “In Antalya, I was feeling great and my condition was good, I’m looking forward to perform well in both the World Cup Final and the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.”


Choi, with partner Ku Bonchan, added mixed team gold for Korea. The pair outshot India in the first and third sets of a three-set match, closing with a 38, to seal Choi Misun’s second consecutive clean sweep of the recurve women’s podiums. She is the second seed for the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense, behind Chinese Taipei’s Tan Ya-Ting, who beat Choi’s teammate Chang Hye Jin to bronze in Antalya, 6-4.

In the men's event, Ku Bonchan takes individual silver.


Text and photos : World Archery, edited by Win&Win Archery Communication