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[2014.04.29] Focus on Becky MARTIN (GBR), prostaff archer

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We asked some few questions to Becky MARTIN, 18 years old, up and coming archer from GBR. She is shooting with the INNO MAX handle, #borntowin special edition in Pink. "I love everything about my bow!" 


When and how did you start archery ? 
I did a beginners course at my primary school when I was 11 and I really enjoyed it so I decided archery was the sport for me! 

What is the best moment of your career ? 
When I won my Cadet Mixed Team Gold Medal at the Youth World Championships in China last summer.

What are your goals this year and the coming ones? 
The next few years are all about getting to the Olympics. I want to go to as many World Cups as possible this year and next year and obviously get Olympic places for GBR.

What do you like in your Win&Win Archery products ?
I love everything about my bow! The limbs are really smooth and the riser is very solid and stable! Also they are extremely reliable and well made.

What does « Born to Win » mean to you? 
It reminds me that if I work hard I can achieve my goals and win!

We wish Becky and all Win&Win archers around a very good season!
Photo credit : Becky MARTIN
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