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[2014.06.02] Naomi FOLKARD makes history for Archery GB : 1356 points!

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Noami FOLKARD from GBR just set a new national record with a stunning 1356 points in the 4 distances. She is the first British woman to shoot more than 1350 points. We chatted a bit to know more about herself and her great achievement. 


"I have high ambitions of winning Olympic medals."


When and how did you start archery ? 
I tried it when I was 5 at family scout and guide camp. I thought it was weird and awkward. My dad liked it and found and joined our local archery club. A year or so after my mum, brother and myself were also members.

What is the best moment of your career ?
Winning gold at the World Games last year.

Still dreaming of the Olympics ?
Definitely! I have high ambitions of winning Olympic medals.

1356... nice scoring ! What are the hardest and easiest parts of such a strong score ?
The arrows just kept going in the middle, which was great fun. The hardest part is to keep doing the same thing, keep shooting strong shots, and keep sane.

What do you like in your Win&Win Archery products ? How confident are you when using them ?
I am confident that I have the best and most reliable bow. With my Inno Max I can make the most aggressive shots and stay in control of the bow, the feeling of the shot gives me complete satisfaction with good feedback.

What does « Born to Win » mean to you?
It gives me the drive to train hard and give myself challenging goals to achieve. 

We wish Naomi and all Win&Win archers around a very good season!
We are born to win. Are you?